Linn County Healthy Homes administers the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program which provides the following services for Linn County children with elevated blood lead levels (EBL): 
  • Blood lead screening
  • Medical case management for children 
  • Environmental inspections to determine sources of lead exposure to a child with an elevated blood lead level.
  • Educational materials 
Call Linn County Public Health @ 319-892-6000 to schedule your child for a blood lead test.  (Appointment only)

Is Your Child at Risk? 
A questionnaire has been developed by IDPH to assist in determining if a child is at risk for lead poisoning.  A yes to response to any question means your child could possibly become lead poisoned.  The only way to know if a child is lead poisoned is through a blood lead test.

View the IDPH questionnaire   Click Here

How are children exposed to lead?

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Grant Opportunity to assist home owners and investor owners to address lead based paint hazards in pre-1978 properties within the City of Cedar Rapids.   

 Lead Hazard Control Grant 
The Lead Hazard Control Grant provides funding for homeowners and property owners to mitigate lead based paint hazards in older homes. Assistance is for owner-occupied and multi-family low and moderate income households within the City of Cedar Rapids. If a family meets the program requirements and income qualifies they may receive assistance.  The objective is primary prevention of childhood lead poisoning and is targeted toward households with children under the age of six. The highest priority will always be given to an Elevated Blood Level (EBL) applicant. Investor-owners are eligible to receive 90% of projects costs from the grant while the remaining 10% must be matched by the owner. Only pre-1978 properties are eligible for assistance and the home must be entirely residential in usage. Mobile homes are not eligible. Under this program, Healthy Homes assessments will also be conducted to identify other housing related health and safety hazards.  Limited funding is available for Healthy Homes interventions to address the most significant hazard.  

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