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Lead Hazard Control Grant

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Who’s at Risk? Preventing childhood lead-paint poisoning:

Lead-contaminated dust is the primary cause of lead exposure and can lead to a variety of health problems in young children, including IQ, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and impaired hearing – all preventable.

Iowa’s incidence of children with elevated blood lead levels is greater than twice the national average.

Homes built before 1978 carry risk of lead paint hazards. The greatest risk is to homes built prior to 1960, and Iowa has one of the largest stocks of houses built prior to 1960 in the nation. 

Creating Healthy Communities…

Funds are available for primary prevention in homes built prior to 1978, for households who have children under the age of six, and who meet program guidelines. This opportunity is through a partnership with the City of Cedar Rapids and Linn County Public Health.

The program provides funds to reduce hazards associated with lead paint poisoning in the home including:

  • Inspection Costs
  • Improvement Costs
  • Healthy Homes Assessment & Education 

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Contact Information:

City of Cedar Rapids
Alyssa Williams | 319-286-5998

Linn County Public Health
Ann Olson | 319-892-6056

The Target Area includes households located within the five core Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) neighborhoods. In this area, 3% of children have already tested at an elevated blood lead level. 

These funds have been made available through a Lead Hazard Control Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Income Eligibility Limits

Family Size

50% Median Income

80% Median Income




























Program Guidelines & Eligibility

Eligible applicants (either owners or tenants) must meet specific guidelines to qualify:

  • Property must be built before 1978.
  • Household must include child(ren) under the age of six who reside or frequently visit the property.
  • Total household income cannot exceed 80% of the area median income determined by HUD.
  • Investor-owned properties are eligible if their tenants have met the income criteria.
  • Costs for investor-owned properties will be funded by the grant up to 90%. The owner will cover 10%.
  • Investors with up to four multi-family units may qualify if half the tenants are at 50% of the area median income, with none exceeding 80% of the area median income. 

Funding Forgiveness:

A lien will be filed against the property for the amount of lead hazard assistance provided. The amount will be forgiven 33% a year until 100% of the award is paid off, if the homeowner remains in the home for a three year period.

Keeping Families Safe:

Families will be relocated to a lead-safe unit during the lead hazard control project, to protect families from exposure.

A blood lead test is required for all children under the age of six prior to project startup. Results do not impact eligibility.