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Order radon test kits

Short-term radon test kit prices have increased.  See below for specific details.

Homeowners can obtain short-term radon test kits from Linn County in two different ways.  

1.  To get a short-term radon kit by mail please send a check and return mailing address to our office.  The cost per kit is $7.00 when using this method.  If homeowners plan on purchasing in quantities of 25, please call our office for a different price plan.  

2.  Short-term radon kits may be purchased at our office for the amount of $6.00 per kit.  If you would like large quantities please call ahead to assure we have them in stock.  

Our mailing address is:

Linn County Public Health
501 13th St. NW 
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

The radon kits include postage-paid test kit, FedEx ground shipping, analysis of the kits, and a report to the end user. Click here for directions to our office

Long term kits are available for $20per kit.  These kits can be purchased at Linn County Public Health or by sending a check with return mailing address to:

Linn County Public Health
501 13th St. NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

This is only for residential users.

Public Health Agencies can order radon test kits (to be made available to the public) for $150 for a case of 25 ($6/kit).  Any orders less than 25 or not in increments of 25 will be mailed from Linn County Public Health and will be a cost of $7.00/kit.

Long term kits can be ordered in any quantiy for $20 per kit.  To order online please visit this page.   If you are not a public health agency, please do not use this link to order.  We will not be able to fill it.  If you are interested in ordering test kits, please contact us at (319) 892-6000.

Commercial Buildings or Schools, please contact Linn County Public Health. at 319-892-6000 for information on ordering test kits and radon testing in schools. 

Radon Professionals can order radon test kits by calling the laboratory or visiting their web site at  http://www.radon.com/