Community Home Asthma Management Program (CHAMP)

Are you, or do you know someone with asthma? CHAMP is available at no cost to assist asthmatics in taking control of their asthma. The program includes a Healthy Homes Assessment, education about asthma triggers, and how to reduce asthma triggers in the home. CHAMP is supported locally and a physician referral is required.

The healthy homes assessment will include a visual walk-through and assessment of building and mechanical components. It will include an evaluation of indoor air quality through measurements of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity. The Healthy Homes Inspection will include the principals of keeping your home Dry, Clean, Pest Free, Ventilated, Safe, Contaminate Free, and Maintained. An informal assessment of the asthmatic's respiratory condition will be made, and Healthy Home and Asthma-specific education will be shared with the participant, if appropriate. If your child is the asthmatic, they are not required to be present but if they are old enough to understand their medical condition, it is encouraged.

Indoor environmental triggers for asthma include dust and dust mites, mold, pet dander, cockroaches, rodents, secondhand tobacco smoke, and air fresheners.

To enroll in the CHAMP program or inquire about services call

(319) 892-6000 or email