I Think I Have Bed Bugs...Now What?

DON’T panic!

You DON’T need to move


Identify the problem

Check nightstands and furniture with a flashlight to see inside drawers, screw holes, cracks and seams

Inspect your entire home for bed bugs

Check the bed seams and mattress tags for bed bug evidence


Use a vacuum on your mattress as well as all cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide

Discard the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag or container and discard outside of your home

If you have a landlord, notify them of the problem

If you resort to using a bug bomb/fogger DO it safely

Use your dryer to heat and kill bed bugs on items such as clothing and stuffed animals and then seal them in a plastic tote or container so that they cannot be re-infested

DON’T cover your body or your belongings in any bug repellent, cleaning product or chemical. DON'T use bug bombs as your first line of defense


Develop a strategy to deal with the problem

Put on mattress and pillow encasements that are rated for bed bugs

Make your bed an island

Prepare your home for treatment

Continue to evaluate the problem and prevent it from happening again

De-clutter your home to cut down areas that bed bugs can hide

Hiring The Right Professional

Contact a pest control professional for an assessment and recommendations