Birds / Bats

I Found Bat Droppings. What Do I Do?

The majority of small droppings in attics and walls are harmless if undisturbed.

It may seem disgusting, but there is no health threat. Bat droppings can sometimes contain a fungus called Histoplasmosis, but the fungus can't grow unless there is a large pile that gets disturbed. Even then, you would have to inhale the spores to even get sick from the droppings.

When Should I Think About Getting The Droppings Cleaned Up?

Bat guano removal, by a bat removal professional, is recommended when:

  • There are large accumulations of poop in the house
  • Someone in the household has a respiratory illness
  • Someone in the household is pregnant, or has small children
  • The space is used for storage or playroom
  • There is duct work in attic or heating / air system
  • There is planned renovation of the area