Services We Provide


CHAMP is a no cost service available to assist asthmatics in taking control of their asthma. Program includes a Free Healthy Homes Inspection (a $100 value) to identify health or safety issues such as mold, dust and dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches, rodents, secondhand tobacco smoke, and air fresheners. This program also offers select allergen testing of the home.


Linn County Healthy Homes responds to housing complaints in the unincorporated areas of the county. The Linn County Property Maintenance Regulations ordinance provides the basis for this program. The Ordinance incorporates the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code. Founded nuisance complaints are resolved through consultation and/or regulatory authority.


Linn County Healthy Homes provides presentations on a variety of topics, including asthma, environmental asthma triggers, healthy homes, radon, lead based paint and lead poisoning, and bed bugs and integrated pest management.

For more information about presentation topics or to schedule a presention for your organization, please call 319-892-6000 or email


Linn County Healthy Homes provides the following services related to lead-based paint and elevated blood lead (EBL):

· Conduct lead inspections for the City of Cedar Rapids Lead Hazard Control Grant program.

· Conduct blood lead screening

· Provide medical case management for children with elevated blood lead levels.

· Conduct environmental inspections to determine sources of lead exposure to a child with an elevated blood lead level.

Educational Materials

Linn County Healthy Homes can provide education material for issues located in the incorporated areas of Linn County, but does have regulatory authority in these areas. Linn County Healthy Homes developed this website to provide educational material about healthy homes and resources to help you have a healthy home. We are working to add more information to the website. If there is information you would like us to provide regarding healthy homes, please let us know.