Bed Bug FAQs

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Q:Can you see bed bugs?

A: Yes, bed bugs are visible in all life stages and are usually about the size of a small apple seed when fully matured.

Q:Can bed bugs fly? Jump?

A:No, bedbugs do not have wings so they cannot fly. Unlike other insects that look similar, bed bugs do not jump either. They move around by crawling and move at about the same speed as an ant.

Q: Do bed bugs transmit disease?

A: No, bed bugs are not known transmitters of disease.

Q:What does a bed bug bite look like?

A:It can vary from person to person. Some look like mosquito bites, some people don’t react at all, and some people get big itchy welts. Often times, bed bug bites will appear in rows or lines, as seen below.

Q: How often do bed bugs feed?

A: Bed bugs typically feed every 3-7 days, however bed bugs have been known to live without a meal for up to a year.

Q: What do bed bugs eat?

A: Bed bugs feed on blood and only blood.

Q: Where do bed bugs live?

A: Bed bugs can be found wherever people spend a lot of time including:

· Mattresses

· Furniture crevices

· Electronics

· Box springs

· Upholstery

· Electrical switchplates

· Wallpaper

· Picture frames

· Bed frames

Click on the picture below to see some common bed bug hiding spots.

Q: I have heard that it is a good idea to make my bed an "island," what does that mean?

A: Click on the picture below for enlarged detail.