Linn County Healthy Homes administers the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program which provides the following services for Linn County children with elevated blood lead levels (EBL):

  • Blood lead screening
  • Medical case management for children
  • Environmental inspections to determine sources of lead exposure to a child with an elevated blood lead level.
  • Educational materials

Call Linn County Public Health @ 319-892-6000 to schedule your child for a blood lead test. (Appointment only)

Is Your Child at Risk?

A questionnaire has been developed by IDPH to assist in determining if a child is at risk for lead poisoning. A yes to response to any question means your child could possibly become lead poisoned. The only way to know if a child is lead poisoned is through a blood lead test.

View the IDPH questionnaire Click Here

How are children exposed to lead?

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