Find a Licensed Radon Professional

Training and Certification

Professionals who measure radon or who install radon mitigation systems in Iowa are required by law to be trained and licensed by the State. Training and licensing are administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). Learn more about licensing requirements at the IDPH website.


Radon mitigation specialists design and install systems to lower radon levels in your home or building. To find a Credentialed Radon Mitigation Specialist in your area, see this list maintained by IDPH: Iowa Credentialed Radon Mitigation Specialists.

Can I test my own home?

Most radon testing is performed by homeowners in their own homes.

Anyone can test their own home or building for radon using easy commercially-available test kits. You can also help your family, friends, or neighbors test their houses as long as you are not compensated. But when the test results are to be used as part of a real estate transaction, it will probably require the assistance of a Certified Radon Measurement Specialist (refer to EPA's "Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon," which provides guidance and answers to some common questions.) To find someone in your area who is qualified to provide radon testing to be used in a real estate transaction, see this list maintained by IDPH: Iowa Certified Radon Measurement Specialists.

Can I install radon mitigation measures in my own home?

The law doesn't require you to be an Iowa Credentialed Radon Mitigation Specialist to install radon mitigation measures WITHOUT COMPENSATION. It's always prudent, however, to have someone who knows what they're doing involved in any project.