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Is diet important for my child when dealing with lead poisoning?

Diet can definitely make a difference for a child with lead poisoning. First, always remember to consult a medical professional if you suspect lead poisoning. Once your consultation is complete keep in mind that both what and how your child eats can make a difference. First, make sure your child is eating at the table or in a highchair for every meal. This reduces the chance that lead dust contaminants their food. Second, it is important that your child eats regular meals supplemented by healthy snacks. Good nutrition contributes to the general well-being of a child and can help your child remain healthy.

What your child eats is equally important. Meals high in fat and oils are not good because they can help the body absorb lead. Foods that are rich in calcium, iron, and Vitamin C can all be helpful when trying to prevent lead poisoning. Calcium and iron help the body absorb less lead, while Vitamin C helps increase the amount of iron in the blood. See the list below for some suggestions of healthy foods: